Student Council


  • President- Ethan Soltys
  • Vice-President- Slade Gurney
  • Secretary- Lauren Proctor
  • Treasurer- Marissa Hogg
  • Media Rep- Mallory Selk
  • Activities Reps- Ella Walters/ Clark Bikman
  • Gr. 12 Class rep- Clint Barnson
  • Gr. 11 Class rep- Aaron Quinton
  • Gr. 10 Class rep- Kyle Thompson
  • Gr. 9 Class rep- Kyleigh Quinton
  • Resource Room Class rep- Sierra Adamson

District Emergency

To address the growing number of COVID-19 cases across the province, Alberta’s government has introduced a series of new COVID-19 measures that will impact our communities and schools. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about how these measures may impact your student.