Staff Directory

Main Phone: 403-756-3355

Academic Advisor

Ms. Donna Branch


Portrait of Ms. Pot

Ms. Ingeborg Pot, B.Ed, M.Sc


Mr. Morgan Schaufele, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Vice Prinicpal

portrait of Ms. Teramura

Mrs. Char Teramura, B.Ed, M.Sc

Vice Principal


Mrs. Carol Barnson

Grade 5

Mrs. Donna Branch, B.PE, B.Ed

PE/Grade 2

Ms. Eryn Clifton


Mr. Adam Depew, B.Sc

Jr/Sr high Social Studies/PE

Mr. Michael Fletcher, B.Sc

Jr./Sr. High Science & Language Arts

Mrs. Denise Hay, B.A

Grade 1

Mr. Mark Iwaasa, B.Sc

Jr High Science/Physics


Mrs. Kathy Kawade

Gr 7/8 Math& Social Studies

Mr. Joey Lutz, B.Sc

Athletic Director/ HS Mathematics

Ms. Christina McLellan

Grade 6

Mrs. Amanda Sheen, B.A (Dist)

Grade 3

Mr. Josh Stone, B.A

Chem./Jr High Science& Social Studies

Mrs. Dalyce Wehlage, B.A

ART/ Grade 4

Administrative Assistants

Mrs. Amanda Anderson

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Lana Sillito

Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs. Lana Caldwell

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Mrs. Karen Grinton

Family Liaison Counsellor

Mrs. Stephanie Michelson


Educational Assistants

Mrs. Kristi Armero

Pre-School Educational Assistant

Mrs. Becca Edwards

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lynne Edwards

Speech Assistant/Educational Assistant

Ms. Julie Hogg

Educational Assistant

Ms. Kristy Imahashi

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Barbara Jensen

Educational Assistant

Ms. Janene Jensen

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Leslie Lowry

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lynette Martin

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Jill Noble

PUF Speech Assistant

Mrs. Mishel Olsen

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Rena Proctor

Pre-School Teacher

Mrs. Angelique Quilty

Knowledge and Employability Assistant

Mrs. Jayne Roan

Educational Assistant

Student Teachers



Mr. Dominguillo Edrosolan

Mr. Jeff Tanner

District Emergency

To address the growing number of COVID-19 cases across the province, Alberta’s government has introduced a series of new COVID-19 measures that will impact our communities and schools. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about how these measures may impact your student.