Choices Matter

“Give me liberty or give me death!”
Patrick Henry’s famous words remind us of the passion with which the human spirit yearns for freedom. On this Fourth of July holiday, let us remember how fortunate we are to live in a nation where we remain largely free to determine the course of our lives.
This freedom rests in the balance, more easily lost than most of us can imagine. It will slip through our fingers... perhaps lost forever... if we fail to teach our children that liberty will die if plucked from the sustaining soil of self-control and personal responsibility.
It has been said that great civilizations are never murdered, they commit suicide. They implode upon themselves because too few within their borders understand that freedom of choice does not mean freedom from consequences.

Choices matter.

Love and Logic is much more than a program designed to make kids behave. It’s about our passion for seeing more and more children learn how to govern themselves responsibly... so that they can enjoy true freedom.
Our children need to make as many choices as possible... over the smaller issues in life... so that they know how to make the larger choices that will heavily affect their freedom and that of their fellow citizens. Of course, they will only learn if we are willing to allow them the temporary sadness of living with their poor choices. A solidly free nation is one built upon the awareness that choices matter.
Dr. Charles Fay