Thinking About Growing Up

15-year-old Jason was feeling independent. He and his friends all agreed that their parents were “clueless” and had no right to be asking them to be slaves around the house this summer. They had already had a stressful time just making it through another year of school. That was enough. Now was the time to chill and hang out.
The only problem was that Jason’s friends had parents who were providing plenty of ready cash. In Jason’s eyes, his parents should do the same, but they had taken a Love and Logic course and were expecting him to do his share of the work around the house and were outrageous enough to suggest that he earn some of his own spending money.
Being turned down for a “loan” to buy the latest gadget, Jason sarcastically retorted, “Yeah, I know. It’s time I started to grow up, get a job and earn what I want!” With this he stomped off.
Dad was so proud of himself. He didn’t even respond. But later, when all had settled down, he did bring it up. “Jason, a while ago you mentioned that it might be time for you to grow up, get a job and start earning what you want. I’ve thought about it and think that you might really be on to something there.”
Needless to say, Jason stomped off again. But he left with plenty to think about.
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Jim Fay