Year end Wrap up

We are wrapping things up at the Community Centre before summer, and noticed that we have quite a few items left in our lost and found.  If you are missing a clothing item, you can come by between the hours of 8am and 3pm and take a look. (Our Elementary lost and found is over at the new school)  Anything that is still remaining on Friday will be taken to Goodwill.

If your child participated in the Flex Friday activity at CASA, their clay project will be in the staff room at the new school tomorrow, Wednesday, for pick up.  

Also, there is a bike that has been sitting here at the Community Centre for a couple of weeks.  If it's yours, please come get it!


Our supply and fee lists will be on the website before we leave for summer.  Be sure to check out the website during the summer months to see important upcoming dates.  

Have a wonderful summer!