UFA wants to send you to the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Camp

UFA supports the Alberta Communities and Cooperatives Association (ACCA) as part of our
commitment to advocate for and support our members in the work they do to feed the world.
UFA also supports local youth as the next generation of agricultural leaders. By providing
opportunities for them to attend the ACCA Cooperative Youth Leadership camp, we instill a
foundational understanding of cooperatives and how they contribute to our vibrant agricultural
industry in partnership.

Attending the ACCA Cooperative Youth Leadership camp provides incredible opportunities for
personal development like leadership, teamwork and public speaking. It also offers hands-on,
collaborative learning experiences focused on cooperatives, entrepreneurship and agriculture.
Participants agree that the camp experience helps develop independence and confidence in a
fun environment where lifelong friendships can be cultivated. Learn more at ACCA.coop/youth.
About the ACCA Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp and applying for sponsorship:

You can qualify for sponsorship to go to camp from UFA if you are 11-18 years old, have a
family member that is a member of UFA.

What does the UFA sponsorship cover? We will provide the registration fee of $708.75. An
additional participant fee of $236.25 plus the optional bus service must be covered by the
successful applicant.

Applying for sponsorship is easy! Please fill out the application form and submit your answer
to the question on the following page.

Please print, scan and email your completed application form to Angela.McMullen@ufa.com
by May 21, 2018.

This year’s camp dates are:
o Pre-Teen A (ages 11-12): June 29 - July 5
o Teen A (ages 13-14): July 5-11
o Teen B (ages 13-14): July 17 -23
o Youth A (ages 15-16): July 11 – 17
o Grad (ages 17-18): June 29 – July 5

Tell us why UFA should sponsor you to attend camp! Why is it important to you?