The Problem with Sweet Kids

Do your kids rarely argue, do what you tell them to do, and love to please you?
Yes! There are kids like this, and I'm betting that plenty of you have at least one.
While they're great fun to be around, these kids can lull us into using ineffective techniques.
I worry about sweet kids. Unlike strong-willed kids, they rarely remind us to use our Love and Logic skills. It's easy to stop giving enough choices. It's easy to fall back on giving orders instead of setting limits. It's easy to forget that all kids... even really compliant ones... need to make plenty of affordable mistakes.
It's not uncommon to see easy-going kids have big problems in adolescence and young adulthood. Since some haven't made enough choices and affordable mistakes, some fall prey to trying to please their peers as they have tried to please their parents.
It's not uncommon to see them get mixed up in drugs and other dangerous activities as a result.
Don't allow your sweet kids to lull you into forgetting your Love and Logic skills.
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Dr. Charles Fay

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