Delayed Consequences

Have you ever wondered, “Oh, great. What do I do with this kid now?”
A dad shared his story. His simple rule about driving was: “Feel free to drive as long as it doesn’t cause a problem for anyone on the planet.”
His son, Justin, missed curfew.
Meeting him at the door, Dad said, “I’m so relieved you are okay. I’m going to do something about this problem… but not now… later. Try not to worry.”
Justin responded, “Cool.”
The next day wasn’t so “cool” for Justin. When he asked to use the car, Dad said, “This is so sad… no.”
Justin asked, “But why?”
Dad answered, “I suppose when I am really sure that there won’t be a problem with you following the rules of the home, I’ll be more confident that you can follow the rules of the road.”
How did Dad handle this so well? He bought himself time by delaying the consequence.
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Dr. Charles Fay