Theatre Calgary's, "A Christmas Carol"

Stirling School has been given a rare opportunity to experience top-notch theatre by taking in Theatre Calgary's annual production of Dicken's classic, A Christmas Carol.  This production is taking place on Tuesday, November 21st, and is available to our High School students for an extremely reduced rate of $20.  (Our Student Council is generously covering the bussing costs. )  This offer first went to our Grade 12 students, and we have now offered it to our Grade 11 students.  Once we know our numbers, we will be taking our Grade 10 students.  If you haven't seen a form come home, please check with your child(ren) or contact the school at 403-756-3355 to sign up.  

The group that went last year was very impressed with the quality of this production.  It really is a "must see"!  

christmas carol.jpg