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Stirling Wrestling team impresses the province at the Wetaskiwin Composite High School Wrestling Tournament

Congratulations to the coaches and the Stirling Wrestling team for doing an amazing job at the Wetaskiwin wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Wetaskiwin Junior
Gold - Teagan Romeril, Kade Walters

Silver - John Adams, Koehn Cornish, Charlotte Haas, Lexi Salmon

Bronze - Wilson Michel, Payton Wilde, Shanaƫlle Zumbach

Wetaskiwin Novice
Gold - Hailey Romeril, Madison Zumbach, Seth Hardy, Harlie Salmon

Silver - Payton Wilde, Teagan Romeril, Koehn Cornish, Gideon Young

Bronze - Laurianne Zumbach, Summer Cutler, Wilson Michel, Shanaƫlle Zumbach, Charlotte Haas,
Jacob Ketler

Wetaskiwin Elite
Gold - Madison Zumbach, Kennedy Thomson

Silver - Laurianne Zumbach, Hailey Romeril, Seth Hardy

Bronze - William Coon, Brock Seely, Gideon Young, Nate Young, Kizzia Jensen, Kade Walters, Summer Cutler, Harlie Salmon

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