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May 2020 Principal’s Message

I know that our perspectives are going to differ in my opening statement, but from my point of view, I cannot believe April is behind us. Spending many hours at the school trying to do my part to keep our staff going along with the new way of teaching made many of us feel like we were all teaching in our first year again.  This new normal has been taxing on all of us, but from our perspective, we saw many good things happen and I want to thank all of you who are supporting your children in any way through this new way of learning.  We know that you are not professional educators, but just supporting your children with space, a consistent schedule, time, expectations, and encouragement is all we are asking for.  Many students have taken advantage of the online classroom teaching and those who have, are doing well with their progression towards the next grade level. 

We don’t know when we will be able to go back to school, other than we are part of phase 2 of the reopening Alberta plan, but no timeline was given as of this past week’s announcement.

In many European countries, elementary schools are opening up first and are beginning with attending part-time with only half their students in the classroom.  If this is what our division asks us to do, we will let you know what that will look like. We are the only PreK-12 school in our division and having three schools in one building will bring its own unique reopening stages.

The staff so appreciated the surprise drive-by parade led by the fire trucks just before Easter.  It lifted our spirits and gave us the emotional support we needed to keep moving forward.  Thank you to parent council for organizing the event.

Our grade 12 graduation was scheduled for May 29th, but with the present restrictions in place for large gatherings, we are trying to do something to still celebrate our grads, but adhere to AHS’s guidelines.  With the elimination of Diploma Exams, there is a possibility to move our celebration to the end of June.  We have just started our preliminary discussions and when we have a plan, we will let you know what Stirling graduation will look like for our 2020 grads.

We listened to your feedback on the divisional survey when you said that there were too many emails coming your way. We hope our one email at the beginning of the week has helped you and your children schedule and organize yourselves for the week. 

Be strong and safe, we are all in this together and this too will pass. If you have any concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us during school hours at 403-756-3355.



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