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March 2022 Principal’s Message

I am thankful that all restrictions will be lifted prior to us hosting zones.  However, this does not mean that all school divisions around the province are following suit, so please if you are supporting your children in other school divisions, comply with their guidelines.  Remember, we as educators did not create these guidelines, the province or school board did. School boards will continue to do what in their opinion is the safest for their staff and students in their area of the province. If subs cannot fill absences, students can still be asked to go to online learning.  If there are no subs, there are no subs, regardless of how we feel about online learning.  We have been lucky that we have been able to find enough substitutes for our teachers and/or educational assistants.

I am so thankful for my staff who have continued to volunteer their time so that your children can continue to participate in their extracurricular activities. The zone tournament is a paid event, $5.00/day for adults or $3.00/day for seniors/children over the age of 6.

Save the date March 24th. Once booking opens, please sign-up for our K-6 “Demonstration of Learning'' and grades 7-12 parent-teacher interviews. Please indicate your preference when you sign up whether you want “in person” or “online”. If you have issues signing up, please call the office at 403-756-3355 and Lana and/or Amanda would be happy to assist you. Signing up closes at noon of March 24th. 

Hot lunch order forms will be available online at, or a few will be available at the school office. March’s hot lunch order form is due March 23

The March Parent Council zoom meeting will be held on March 31st at 1:00 pm. Here is the Zoom link to the meeting.

All school news will be posted on our website Look for “Love and Logic” articles to help all parents under the parent tab.

If you still need to pay your school fees, we accept cash, debit and E-transfers to; thank you.

One of the main reasons we as a school have not had major outbreaks this year is because as parents you are not sending your children to school when your child is sick or exhibits any symptoms. As teachers, we have always provided students with work if they missed school days or worked with them to catch them up when they returned. Please go through the updated COVID19 checklist every morning. 

March at a Glance

  • March 1 (Tuesday)
    • JV/SV Boys @ WR Myers start at 6:00 (to make up for Jan 6)
  • March 2 (Wednesday)
    • Staff (Raymond & Stirling) versus Raymond & Stirling hockey players 
      • At the Raymond rink at 1pm
    • JV/SV Girls host Churchill start at 6:00
  • March 3 (Thursday)
    • JV/SV Boys host ICSS start at 6:00
  • March 8 - 12, 2022
    • 1A-Girls and 2A Boys zones at the Stirling School
    • 1A Boys at Coaldale Christian
    • 2A Girls at WR Myers
  • March 17 (Thursday)
    • K-9 Report card #2 will be emailed or sent home
  • March 23 (Wednesday)
    • The all-star game at ICHS girls at 6:00 and boys at 7:30
  • March 24 (Thursday)
    • Elementary Demonstration of Learning
    • Jr.& Sr. Parent Teacher Interviews
      • Zoom or Face to Face
        • Make sure to sign up when registration opens
  • March 31 (Thursday)
    • Parent Council meeting
  • April 1 (Friday)
    • Grades 10-12 report card 3 will be emailed home


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