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February Principal’s Message

Heehaw! We made it through our first semester.  Starting the semester in September with so many unknowns hanging over our heads was stressful for staff and students.  Yes, we had a minor hiccup in December when AHS directed all grade 7-12 students to go to online learning until January 11th, but we survived.  Our school’s survey report showed us as teachers that we still have some improvements to make, but that generally speaking, it was better than it was when we had online learning from March-June. We will continue to do our best, but no matter how hard we try, it seems that we cannot please everyone. Some of the feedback was about internet connectivity or printers breaking down, and these are areas that we had no control over.  We did lend out close to 60 devices to junior/senior high students who indicated a need.  All computers were back in the school the first hour upon returning. Students who needed extra help set up appointments with their teachers and came into the school for one on one assistance. A set schedule starting in the morning was appreciated by many as it was a great way to get the kids going.  Our little ones did the best they could for the five days that they had to stay home after the Christmas break with your help.  Some students took advantage of coming in to talk to our counsellor.  As a staff, we know that you are not teachers, and you did the best you could, just as the students who engaged themselves did the best they could.  Was it ideal? No, but it sure was better than it was the first time around.  I hope with all that I have inside of me that we will not have to go back to scenario 3, but we will do our best for the students if we do. 

I would like to welcome Mr. Mark Low to our Stirling Staff.  Mr. Low will be temporarily replacing Mr. Lutz while he takes the next three months off to be a dad to his little girl.

Expect an email from the school on February 1st that will contain the first semester’s report card marks for the grade 10-12 students. 

Parent Council on Zoom  ( meeting February 11th at 1 pm.

A heads up that there will be no school the week of February 15th-19th.  We will resume classes on February 22nd. 

February 24th we are asking all students and staff to wear a pink shirt to show support for anti-bullying. For those who ordered a pink shirt, we should be receiving our shipment soon.

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