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February 2022 Principal’s Message

From deep freeze to double-digit temperatures, January had it all.  Another thing that January had was speed.  I can’t believe that the first month of the year is done.  There are many moving parts to leading a school and it is seldom to never that I sit at my desk wondering what I should do next.  Add the last 2 years of the pandemic to the mix and there are way more things than I can handle on my own; it is for this reason that I am so thankful for a great group of adults who come to the school each and every day and give it their all.  I don’t have to look far to have people volunteer to organize or supervise different events so that your child(ren) can continue to have the opportunities to do things beyond the classroom.  We have parents and staff members who continue to give of their time to coach, make hot lunches, direct the school’s musical, chess club, student council groups, HOPE squad and volunteer in the classroom.  Thank you.

As you can just imagine teachers continue to work with all students trying to close the missed or lost learning for all students.  You can help by reading with your children, or have them read to you.  Ask them questions about what they have read. Have them make predictions of what might happen next. For math, play games. Have them add/multiply license plate numbers or road signs, roll a pair of dice and have them tell you the total for addition or multiplication. Play Crib as it is an excellent game to develop math sense. Make the games enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Hot lunch order forms will be available online at, or a few will be available at the school office. March’s hot lunch order form is due February 16

The February Parent Council zoom meeting will be held on February 17th at 1:00 pm. Here is the Zoom link to the meeting.

All school news will be posted on our website Look for “Love and Logic” articles to help all parents under the parent tab.

If you still need to pay your school fees, we accept cash, debit and E-transfers to; thank you.

Please go through the updated COVID19 checklist every morning. If your child is sick or exhibits any symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. As teachers, we have always provided students with work if they missed school days or worked with them to catch them up when they returned. This has not changed. 

February at a Glance


  • February 1 (Tuesday)
    • First day of the second semester
    • Grade 10-12 report cards will be emailed today to both students and parents/guardians
  • February 2 (Wednesday)
    • JV/SV Boys host Churchill starting at 6:00
  • February 3 (Thursday)
    • Host grade 7 girls and boys vs Magrath starts at 4.
    • Grade 8 boys at Magrath start at 4.
    • JV/SV Girls at KAHS start at 6:00
  • February 4 & 5 (Friday/Saturday)
    • Host senior girls’ basketball tournament
    • SV Boys at Coaldale Christian Tournament
    • Grade 7 Boys and Girls at Raymond Tournament
  • February 9 (Wednesday)
    • JV/SV Girls at KAHS start at 6:00
  • February 10 (Thursday)
    • Host grade 8 boys vs Mt. View starts at 4.
    • Grade 7 girls and boys at Mt View starts at 4.
    • JV Girls host PBHS at 6:30 This was originally supposed have been played on January 13
    • JV/SV Boys at KAHS start at 6:00
  • February 11 & 12 (Friday & Saturday)
    • JV/SV Boys at Bow Valley Tournament (Cochrane)
  • February 14 (Monday)
    • Valentine’s Day
    • JV/SV Boys at CCHS start at 6:00
  • February 15 (Tuesday)
    • Student Leadership, Mentorship and Wellness Series
    • JV Boys at PBHS start at 6:00
    • JV Girls at PBHS start at 7:30
  • February 15 & 16 (Tuesday/Wednesday)
    • Host grade 8 boys’ divisional tournament
  • February 17 (Thursday)
    • Parent Council meeting
    • JV/SV Girls host ICHS start at 6:00
    • JV/SV Boys at Churchill start at 6:00
  • February 21, 2022
    • Family Day - No School
  • February 22-23, 2022
    • No School
  • February 24-25, 2022
    • Teachers’ Convention - No School
  • February 25 & 26 (Friday & Saturday)
    • SV Girls at ICSS Tournament
    • SV Boys at Churchill Tournament
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