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December 2019 Principal’s Message

A lot of parents were privileged to be at a presentation put on by Collin Kartchner in Magrath this past November. His presentation was about the harmful effects that social media and screen addiction can have on mental and emotional health. Our Westwind Superintendent, Mr. Darren Mazutinec, wrote an article this past week as a follow-up and it was published in the Lethbridge Herald.  It is a great read and a reminder to all of us.  Please go to

Report cards and parent-teacher interviews – thank you to all who used our new SchoolSoft program to sign up for the parent-teacher interview evening.  Parents were generally happy with the easy of sign up and the reminders through their email and phone were appreciated.  I understand that not all parents were able to see their child’s teacher, please contact them directly and they will be more than willing to set up a meeting time with you.  We will be using the same signup system in March for our demonstration of learning for our elementary students and normal interviews for junior and senior high students. Senior high report cards came out prior to the interviews and the elementary/junior high reports cards came out this past Friday. Grade 6-12 parents have continuous access to your child’s marks through our Westwind PowerSchool App or through the PowerSchool portal through our website.   Next school year we are required to have all documents digitized and are therefore looking closely at sending home a digital report card.  It is therefore imperative that we have your correct email on file and that you update all information yearly when you register your child(ren).

Christmas Concert – we are so excited to be able to have our Christmas concert in our new theatre this year, however, it will require some coordinating. We only have 150 seats in the theatre but need approximately 250-300 seats for all who come to our blessed event.  We will be having 2 evening performances and 2 matinee performances. We will be providing 3 seats per family for an assigned evening performance as well as 3 tickets to a matinee performance. We are asking that if you are not going to be attending, or if you will not be using all of your tickets, that you return them to the school, or let us know, as soon as possible. If you would like to request more tickets, we will have a sign-up sheet in the office and do our best to accommodate requests.  We will be running a dress rehearsal for the older students to attend.  The final details are still being hammered out, so bear with us while we figure out Christmas Concert in the theatre.  Our performances will be on December 18th at 12:45 and 6 pm and on December 19th at 1:45 and 6 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Basketball Season – here we go with another busy fun-filled basketball season.  This is a reminder that I posted last year and I would like to post it again with another season upon us.  First, I love seeing all families come and support our teams, but if you bring little ones it’s not the job of our volunteer supervisors to be the babysitters.  Please keep your little ones with you in the gymnasium.  Two, clean up after a game is not the most enjoyable thing to do for our supervisors when all they want to do is go home.  Please do not bring any food or drinks into the gymnasium, except for water.  Three, cheer for all good plays and keep your thoughts about the referees or players that are not positive inside your head. They are doing the best they can. Lastly, please do not let your children bring basketballs with them to the game.  We will bring out a cart at half time which they can use if they are in stocking feet.

If you still need to pay your resource fees, we accept cash, debit and E-transfers. Thank you.

All visitors please check-in at the office. We want to keep all of our students safe and appreciate your assistance with this simple but important procedure.

All school news will be posted on our website Look for “Love and Logic” articles to help all parents under the parent tab.

Hot lunch order forms will be available online at or there will be a few available at the school office. January’s hot lunch order form is due December 18th

  • December 4 (Wednesday)
    • JV/SV Girls at Willow Creek Composite High School starting at 6 pm
  • December 5 (Thursday)
    • Grade 7 boys at Spring Glen at 3:30
    • Grade 8 girls and boys host Spring Glen 3:30 and 4:45
    • SV Girls at Saints Tournament in Calgary
  • December 6 (Friday)
    • SV Girls at Saints Tournament in Calgary
    • Host JV Boys’ Tournament
  • December 7 (Saturday)
    • SV Girls at Saints Tournament in Calgary
    • Host JV Boys’ Tournament
  • December 10 (Tuesday)
    • JV/SV Boys host Willow Creek Composite High School game starts at 6
  • December 11 (Wednesday)
    • JV/SV Girls host Winston Churchill game starts at 6
  • December 12 (Thursday)
    • Grade 7 girls and boys host Cardston at 3:30 and 4:45
    • Grade 8 girls and boys in Cardston 3:30 and 4:45
    • SV Girls at KAHS Tournament
  • December 13 (Friday)
    • SV Girls at KAHS Tournament
    • SV Boys at Bert Church Tournament
  • December 14 (Saturday)
    • SV Girls at KAHS Tournament
    • SV Boys at Bert Church Tournament
  • December 16 (Monday)
    • JV/SV Girls host Willow Creek Composite High School game starts at 6
  • December 17 (Tuesday)
    • JV/SV Boys host KAHS game starts at 6
  • December 18 (Wednesday)
    • Elementary Christmas Concert
  • December 19 (Thursday)
    • Elementary Christmas Concert
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