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Chores and Success in the Next School Year

School is just around the corner and, in a little over a month, kids will be returning to their classrooms. Now is a good time to lay the foundation for a successful school year. Our view at Love and Logic is that chores are critical for success in school and beyond. By modeling chores, parents can help instill the sense of satisfaction when completing tasks, which can lead to the love of learning in school.

Anyone who knows kids knows that they want to be “big” like their parents. Great parents take advantage of this by making a big deal out of modeling the things they want their kids to do. When parents model something like chores, give their kids choices, and make a task fun, learning happens quickly.

Getting started now with modeling chores will give your kids a head start with the transition into the next school year. Here are some steps for modeling chores:

  • Make sure that your kids see you doing your chores and that you are working hard and even struggling to get them done.

  • Make sure that they see you feel a sense of completion and accomplishment as well as how good you feel after the chores are done.

  • Think out loud while you are working. Say things like, “This is hard but I’ve got to do it, so I’m going to do it right now.” After it’s done, you can say, “It’s done! I feel great now that it’s done.”

It’s very important that your kids realize that you sometimes must work hard at something you don’t necessarily like. Covering up your struggle or saying that chores are fun, when they’re not, creates frustration and resentment within kids when they must struggle with their own chores. Be positive about doing your chores—but be honest about your struggles.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Charles Fay

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