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August 2020 Principal’s Message

August 2020 Principal’s Message

I truly hope that all of you are enjoying the sunshine and have done some fun things with your families or cohort groups.  I know that this pandemic has thrown a wrench into all of our diligently planned vacations, get-togethers, celebrations and other gatherings. 

I was excited about the announcement several weeks ago that school is back this fall as normal with some health guidelines.  I am pretty sure all Stirling Staff members can’t wait to see their students; it has been a long time.  I went into education because I love being around young people.  I love seeing their bright shiny faces and smiles. I love seeing their light bulb moments that put a smile on all teacher’s faces.  With the latest government announcement, those smiles might be covered up with a mask in common areas.  We are lucky that we don’t have class sizes of 40, but we do have some that are 30.  Teachers are making accommodations to do their best to put space between pupils in their class so that masks do not need to be worn in the classroom.  We will have a re-entry plan in place some time next week after we meet with the division. We will do all we can to have school be as normal as allowed by AHS. I would appreciate it if you can be excited so that your children will build from your excitement.  Schools have always implemented various protocols, from cell phone use to wearing hats in the school, presently we will have one more thing that students will adapt to very quickly.  Remember it's the government that has implemented these protocols based on scientific research.  Be supportive as we try to figure things out that work best in our school and for your child(ren).  We love your children!

Now would be a good time to practice wearing masks, for a bit each day, so that your child(ren) get used to it.  Continue to encourage your child(ren) to wash hands frequently. When I am out picking up essentials, I have tried to find the disinfectant at each establishment that I enter and leave.  I too have to get into a habit of having a mask with me and wearing it when I go out into stores.  We can do this together.

Life will continue to throw us into situations that are not always positive but how we deal with them can make the difference in the long run.  If you are positive and do your best, guess what, your children will too.

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