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November 2021 Principal’s Message

This has been a gorgeous start to the fall season.  Our students and staff had an opportunity to give back to the community by raking leaves for an hour a couple of Thursdays ago.  The students were divided into groups from our youngest participants to our oldest.  It was fun seeing the interaction between the different ages of students and it gave all adults an opportunity to get to know the students in a different setting.

Just as you have a household budget, I have a school budget that I use to run the school.  Part of this budget comes from school fees.  Thank you to those who have already taken care of paying your fees, but we still have a large number of outstanding school fees that I would like you to take care of as soon as possible, or make arrangements, PLEASE!   We accept cash, credit cards, debit or e-transfers. You may use the following email address for all e-transfers: Thank you!

We are hosting our own senior girls’ volleyball tournament on November 5 and 6, with limited capacity (12 tickets per team/game) for Friday only.  Saturday we can have up to ⅓ gym capacity.  After each game, fans must leave the gym. Teams will have designated places to gather. Entry to the tournament is by donations at the door; please be generous as invoices still need to be paid to run the tournament.

Our school will be hosting the 1-A Girls’ South Zones Volleyball Tournament, November 18-20.  This decision to split up zones away from the college was largely due to the cost of renting the facilities and not being able to have fans.  We will have a ⅓ gym capacity for fans in the bleachers.  Please be masked at ALL times (mask covers nose and mouth until you are out of the building)  Please, do not come any earlier than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This is a zone tournament, therefore there will be an admittance fee to get into the tournament.

Remembrance Day this year will be virtual again.  Teachers are videotaping class poems, individual speeches, an elementary choir song and some official government video links into a nice age-appropriate streaming link that I will share with you closer to November 11th.

We are making a change with our Honours and Honours with Distinction certificates.  As teachers, we give students multiple opportunities to show us their understanding and we hope as the school year progresses that the learning of students increases.  Therefore, if a student understands concepts that were taught to them in October but show growth of understanding in April that would replace the October mark in the system which then could possibly move the student to an Honours or Honours with Distinction certificate.  Therefore we will only award the certificates at the end of the semester for high school students and in June for the junior high students, giving all students an opportunity to improve if they choose to do so.

Volunteers are welcome if you have the necessary paperwork handed in at the office (Vulnerable Sector Search and Criminal Record History). Both organizations ask you to have a letter from the school to start the process.  Please call the office and we will be happy to provide you with what you need.

Our virtual Parent-Teacher Conference will be on November 24 (Wednesday) from 3:00-6:30.  You will be notified when to sign up soon.  Please only sign up for one-time slot per teacher.  If more time is needed a time could be set up at a different time with the teacher. 

Hot lunch order forms will be available online at and/or there will be a few available at the school office. December’s hot lunch order form is due November 24th

The November Parent Council zoom meeting will be Wednesday, November 24th at 6:30 pm. If interested you could meet in our staffroom or join us on Zoom.

Please go through the updated COVID19 checklist every morning. If your child is sick or exhibits any of the symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. As teachers, we have always provided students with work if they missed days of school or worked to catch them up when they return. This has not changed.

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