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October 2021 Principal’s Message

I can’t believe that our first month of school has slipped past us already. A lot has happened since our first day and I appreciate that you and the students continue to be flexible as the government and the division navigate through our present circumstances.  Our number one goal is to keep the school open so that we can teach your child(ren) face to face.  This is the best way that we as educators can present curriculum and it is the best way for most children to learn. By keeping sick children home, we have a better chance to keep everyone from getting ill.

Volleyball is in full swing. I so appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of time from several community and staff members who are coaching our student-athletes.  If you and your family come to games you need to mask and sanitize as you come into the school.  In the gym please socially distance yourself from other households and continue to wear your mask properly.  There is nothing more tiring for volunteer staff members than having to ask you to wear your mask over your mouth and nose continuously.  Our division is one of very few who are allowing in-person watching of indoor events at the moment; please do not ruin that for yourself, others, or the athletes. Our staff are volunteering their time to make this possible. If you cannot come to watch in person, we have set up our LakerTv to broadcast most if not all games.

Daylight is getting shorter and soon the weather will get cooler. Please make sure that your child(ren) are dressed appropriately for the weather as doors do not open until 8 and elementary-aged students will continue to go outside for recess in the morning and after lunch. When students have a chance to run around outside, they have better concentration in the classroom after they come in.

Please go through the updated COVID19 checklist every morning. If your child is sick or exhibits any of the symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. As teachers, we have always provided students with work if they missed days of school or worked to catch them up when they return. This has not changed. 

Volunteers are welcome if you have the necessary paperwork handed in at the office (Vulnerable Sector Search and Criminal Record History). Both organizations ask you to have a letter from the school to start the process.  Please call the office and we will be happy to provide you with what you need.

We ask that you please pay your resource fees ASAP or make arrangements at the school office. We accept cash, debit or e-transfers for all fees. You may use the following email address for all e-transfers: Thank you!

Hot lunch order forms will be available online at and/or there will be a few available at the school office. November’s hot lunch order form is due October 27th

October Parent Council zoom meeting will be Thursday, October 28th at 1 pm. Link to follow.

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